What is secure password

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What is secure password

Postby hrdedicated » Fri May 31, 2013 10:45 pm


You might get advice from your friends or hosting provider to keep secure password, so let check what exactly is secure password :
Web hosting security is an ongoing struggle. No matter how well-prepared you think you are for security issues, there is always something more you can do. One of the biggest security vulnerabilities that system administrators and individual users alike often face is password inadequacy.

A weak password is almost like leaving the door to a house unlocked. It makes it much easier for attackers to get in. The following are four password generators that can help you make stronger passwords for your accounts.

1. PCTools Secure Password Generator – It supports lengths from 4 to 64 characters, mixed letters and numbers, mixed case, and bulk generation of up to 50 passwords.

2. Automated Password Generator (APG) – If you use Linux on your server or desktop and have access to APG, you can easily create secure passwords from the command line. It supports both pronounceable (not real words) and unpronounceable passwords.

3. Whatsmyip password generator – Similar to the PCTools password generator, this generator supports mixed characters and case, symbols, and up to 12 characters. One disadvantage is the page is not encrypted.

4. GRC Ultra High Security Passwords – This generator makes the others look like children’s toys. When you need an ultra-difficult password for high security, you can use this generator to make a 64-character random hexadecimal password or 63-character ASCII or alpha-numeric passwords. Each time the page loads, it creates a unique, secure set.

If you are worried about users not being able to remember their passwords, pronounceable ones from APG or the mnemonic devices used by PCTools may be helpful. Otherwise, any of these password generators will give you more secure passwords than the typical, easily-guessed user passwords

And most important , do not forget your password and keep it change after certain time period.

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