How to Install Warrick

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How to Install Warrick

Postby hr-ethadmin » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:19 am

Install Warrick

Warrick has been tested on a Unix platform and on Windows (using ActivePerl). It was written in Perl, so you need Perl 5 installed. You may also need to install the SOAP::Lite CPAN module if it's not already installed.

Basic Operation

In order to recover a single page (for example, this one) and nothing else, you could run Warrick like so: ... rrick.html

In order to reconstruct an entire website, you need to use the -r switch. Suppose the website was suddenly lost. This is how to run Warrick to reconstruct the entire site using optional parameters -d and -o (quotes around the URL are usually only neccessary when it contains the "&" character): -r -d -o warrick_log_foo.txt ""

-r : Recursively fetch more URLs
-d : Turn on debug output
-o : Put all warrick output in a log file

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