How to install ssh2 for the server

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How to install ssh2 for the server

Postby hr-ethadmin » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:48 am

please install ssh2 for the server

here's the instructions :

1. Check that you compiled PHP with OpenSSL.

2. Download ( and install libssh2.

wget ... g_mirror=0

Typically this means executing the following command from the libssh2 source tree. ./configure && make all install.

3. pecl install -f ssh2


3. Download the tarball from PECL (


From the root of the unpacked tarball, run: phpize && ./configure --with-ssh2 && make to generate (ssh2x/modules/).

4. Copy from the directory indicated by the build process to the location specified in your php.ini file under extension_dir.

5. Add to your php.ini

6. Restart Apache.


while doing make
/ssh2-0.10/ssh2.c:481: error: too many arguments to function 'libssh2_session_methods'
make: *** [ssh2.lo] Error 1

SOLUTION: Comment libssh2_session_methods in ssh2.c file and then try make
/* */

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