Red5 install tips

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Red5 install tips

Postby hr-ethadmin » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:41 am

Red5 install tips:

Download and install the Java Development Kit (jdk) from here (I used the rpm version of JDK 6 Update 2):

Download and extract Apache ant from here: ... bin.tar.gz

Copy the extracted apache-ant-1.6.5 folder to /usr/local/ant

Setup the environment variables to include the path for java and ant by typing the following at the

shell prompt:

export PATH

Then also remember to add this to /etc/profile so the settings don’t get lost the next time you login

Download and extract the Red5 server from here:

cd to the Red5 directory you just extracted and type the following at the shell prompt to allow java to retrieve the files it needs from the net and compile and run the server as a background process (the module retrieval is automatic and only has to be done once)

:ant server &

Then that’s it it’s running.

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