Linux Environment Security : How to install ? LES

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Linux Environment Security : How to install ? LES

Postby hrdedicated » Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:07 pm

LES (Linux Environment Security)


Linux Environment Security is intended as a facility to quickly & easily secure RedHat/RPM based environments. It does such by enforcing root-only permissions on system binaries (binaries that have no place being executed by normal users), enforcing root-only path traversal on system paths, enforcing immutable bit on essential rpm package contents (i.e: coreutils), and enforcing immutable bit on shell profile scripts.


1. ssh to the server as root and then fire following commands
2. cd /root/download
3. Download the source
4. untar it
tar -zxvf les-current.tar.gz
5. cd les-0.2/
6. Run ./ to proceed the installation

To run LES:

1. /usr/local/sbin/les --secure-bin on
2. /usr/local/sbin/les --secure-path on

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