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How to Setup a WordPress Site

Postby HR-SiteAdmin » Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:25 am

If you are landing on this page, the chances are you are not sure how to set up a WordPress Site. There are basically two ways that you can setup a WordPress Site. One is auto installation, and the other is manually installation. For auto installation, you just need to click few places, and your new WordPress site will be setup. For example, on Hostripples, when you login to Cpanel, they have a smiling icon call Fantastio De luxe, you can simply click on it, and it will pop up a new window, all you have to do is to click wordpress, and follow the simple instruction, and setup username and password for wp-admin, and everything will be setup.


On the other hand, some of other hosts requires you do manually installation, such as 1and1 and ipage, then you will need first to setup ftp information, and connect your site via Filezila or any ftp software. After you successfully connected, you will need to browser to the root directory of the domain. And then go to, download the latest version of wordpress, unzip the file using winzip or winrar, and then go back to Filezilla, browse to the unzipped folder, and drag all files and folders to your root directory. It might take few minutes depends on your upload speed and hosting upload speed. During the upload, you can login to your host, and setup sql database, and then copy down database username, database name, and password.

After the files are completely uploaded, you can browse to your site, and the site should show wp-config not found. All you have to do is following the instruction there to create new one, and enter the newly created database information to the required field. After the wordpress successfully connected to your database, it will redirect you to create username and password for the wp-admin. And after that, you can directly login to your wp-admin.

As you can tell, manually installation takes way longer than auto installation. But with manually installation, you can gain valuable knowledge on how the WordPress function. Basically, a wordpress site requires Files plus Database; you cannot setup a wordpress site without database. Which also help you to understand that in order to backup site, you will need both files plus database; you cannot simply move files over to new host without moving database, because if you done that, you site will simply show database error or not found.

After you login to dashboard, which usually can be accessed by type in wp-admin after your domain, for example,; wordpress is very seo friendly, but you still need few changes and plugins to make it super friendly for Google.

First is Permalink, after you login to wp-admin, go to Setting -> Permalink, and then select post one, and hit update.

Second are plugins, go to plugins -> add new, and search for following plugins, and install and activate them:

WordPress Seo

Google XML

Seo image

Seo Smart Link

Ping Optimizer

404 Redirection

Google Analyticator

The above plugins are must to have plugins that can dramatically improve your site SEO in going forward.

Lastly, of course, the themes; there are thousands themes out there, both free and paid. You can Google them, and find one that you like the best. After you obtain the theme files, you can simply login to wp-admin, go to Appearance -> Theme, and the hit upload theme, after that just click activate.

That is about it, you can now easily go to Page -> add new or Posts -> add new, to create you contents. Pretty straightforward and easy to understand, you don’t know need to know any code or any website experience whatsoever.

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